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Sopa de Lima

THE LIMA (Citrus limetta) – also known as limón dulce or sweet lemon – like all citrus originated in southeast Asia, but this particular variety was hybridized in Yucatán. The lima is lighter, more aromatic and less acidic than the standard lime, and gives this soup its characteristic taste. While there is nothing comparable to the flavor of lima, if they are not available, regular lime can be substituted. Traditional Sopa de Lima in Yucatán is always served hot and is filled with hearty pieces of chicken. But for this updated version, we serve it as a perfectly clear chilled consommé, surrounding a delicious island of achiote-marinated chicken salad – perfect for the hot tropical days of Mérida.

• 10 cups (2.5 liters) chicken consommé (homemade or canned)
• 1/2 cup (120ml) lima juice
• One recipe Tsi'ik (with chicken; substitute lima or lime juice for the sour orange juice)
• One recipe Totopos
• Slices of lima

STEP 1  CHILL THE CONSOMMÉ. Allow it to rest in the refrigerator overnight. If any fat rises to the top, skim off, or pass through cheesecloth to remove. If any remaining particulate matter settles to the bottom, carefully pour the clear portion at the top into another pot and discard the residue.

STEP 2  ADD LIMA JUICE to the consommé and refrigerate 1 hour. Meanwhile, chill soup bowls. Just before serving, fill individual flan cups or other small molds with the tsi'ik. Invert into the center of a chilled bowl. Add soup to about 3/4 of the way to the top of the mound of salad; top salad with fried tortilla strips and slices of lima.

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