Bienvenidos a Los Dos: Yucatecan Cooking School, Merida, Mexico

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ON 15 SEPTEMBER, 2009, an e-mail to Chef David Sterling at Los Dos arrived from an American businessman living in Munich, Germany. Successful in real estate in the United States, Scott Myers married a German woman and eventually settled with her and their children in her hometown of Munich. Scott explained that there was no good Mexican food in Germany, that it was the one thing he missed about living in California, and that he had a dream of opening an authentic Mexican restaurant in his new adopted country. “Can you recommend anyone,” he asked, “who could help me with designing the restaurant and creating the menu?"

Response from Chef David: “Boy, have you come to the right place!”
With his dual career path of design and cuisine (see his CV), Sterling felt more than comfortable with the challenge, and thrilled with the opportunity.
Within one week, Sterling had completed a proposal. Mr. Myers signed the contract immediately, and work commenced. During the course of the next year, Sterling worked with his associates at Worldstudio in New York City to develop a name, design an identity, and present concepts for interiors, packaging and uniforms.
Sterling’s plan for the kitchen was that it be open to the public, and that it include some tools that would be important in creating authentic Mexican flavors – a wood-burning oven and a charcoal grill – both highly unusual in Germany.
In addition, Sterling created an ambitious menu and spent several months perfecting more than 80 unique recipes for the restaurant.
An architecture and engineering team in Germany took over with implementing the restaurant’s design and construction, navigating the often Kafkaesque rules and regulations pertaining to public food consumption.
Meanwhile, Mr. Myers – a committed philanthropist – conceived of the idea of offering paid internships at Milagros to culinary students from Mexico. Sterling located four talented students from Mérida’s “Culinaria” academy, and trained them in each of the recipes he developed. All four spent several months prior to the opening helping refine the recipes according to locally available ingredients. Three of the Culinaria students subsequently acquired work visas and remain in Germany as full-time employees, adding their own special touch to the cuisine.
Planned to open (miraculously!) on 15 September, 2010 – exactly one year after the first communication between Myers and Sterling – the event was only delayed a couple of weeks, and the grand inauguration took place on 30 September, to great fanfare.
Since that time Milagros has received a media blitz, but more important every seating remains sold out at this miracle of a place!


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