Bienvenidos a Los Dos: Yucatecan Cooking School, Merida, Mexico

About Chef David Sterling

CLASSES AT LOS DOS are for the avid home cook, gourmet, gourmand and intrepid explorer of world cultures.

EVERY CLASS FOCUSES ON THE YUCATAN PENINSULA'S RICH MAYAN CULINARY HERITAGE as well as on ingredients and techniques unique to the region - with a particular emphasis on dishes that can be easily recreated in your kitchen back home. Whatever class format you choose, your experience will include a guided visit to the sprawling Lucas de Gálvez market in Mérida, where you will be pleasantly overwhelmed by the sights and smells of our traditional ingredients, ranging from the ground spice pastes known as recados, to the many forms of dried and fresh chiles, including the indigenous blond chile x'catic and the world-famous habanero. You will also explore indigenous herbs, vegetables and spices of the region, such as the pungent and aromatic orégano Yucateco, chaya, and epazote.



Classes and events that appear on our Calendar of Events represent possible dates only. Classes are not confirmed until we meet the minimum number of enrollments for that day. Please contact us to verify availability before completing your travel plans.

Please note that it is not possible to sign up for a class nor to complete booking through this Web site. Instead you must forward an e-mail correspondence referring to the class you are interested in and the number of people in your party. Please provide a range of dates whenever possible. Contact us.



Vegetarians, people with food allergies or other food restrictions should take note that Los Dos features 100% comida Yucateca. The food of Yucatán includes considerable quantities of animal protein, as well as "controversial" ingredients such as lard. Unfortunately we can make no exceptions to our menus.

YUCATAN MENU The standard menu at Los Dos features all the familiar foods of Yucatán, such as a variety of meats, fish, herbs, spices, chiles, fruits and vegetables. All Public Classes feature the standard Yucatán Menu.

MAYA MENU We also offer a vegetarian Maya Menu which concentrates on maíz, local plants and fruits. The Maya Menu is available only in Private Classes. Sorry, we are unable to mix-and-match the two menus. You must specify the Maya Menu at the time of booking. For more information, see the FAQ or contact us.

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